• To provide not only bookish knowledge to the child but also all round development of the personality of child through various co-curricular activities which we organize time to time
  • To develop and integrated personality of the students through good academic results, participation in extra and co-curricular activities.
  • To motivate the students for Drawing Grade, Scholarship, NTS, MTS and various Exam.
  • To motivate the students for Science club and Green Army activities
  • To encourage students to achieve State/ National award in various sports/events.
  • To motivate NCC Cadets to achieve Best Cadet award as well as RDC Parade which is held at Delhi.
  • To enable the student to cope up with modern technology by teaching IT.
  • To built and enhance the confidence in the child by organizing various competitions.
  • TO impart quality education to develop scientific attitude, patriotism ,Indian culture, and to make students self reliant.